God’s Fun!

8/13/2004 7:20 AM

S: “When your words came I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s
delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God Almighty.” Jeremiah 15:16

O: Jeremiah is describing in chapter 13-15 all the stupid things
Israel and Judah did. He’s doing it in an allegory, but then he get near
the end of 15 and he says this. I believe he’s speaking for himself. He’s
been declaring all the judgments against Israel and Judah and now he’s
expressing his own needs. He simply says that God’s word is what gives him
joy. It’s his delight! He loves God. He loves to follow him. He loves to
read his word. He loves to make God first and foremost in his life.

A: What would it be like if I was always like that? What would it be
like if our whole church was always like that? It is my desire to see us
grow in the joy of God’s word – the Bible. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Bible
was our delight, our joy, our heart’s desire. God has some amazing
blessings in store for me, for us, if we would only put him first and stop
making the TV, the newspaper, the weather, the movies, the music, the
relationships, the good things and turn to the great thing first – HIM.

P: Lord, I ask for myself. Please turn my heart towards you. In
this journaling and in this Life Journal, I have once again found my joy in
the Word of God. I’ve fallen in love with the Bible again, and it’s been
fun. But I must say I have a long ways to go again, Lord. I must say that
I am not perfect. But I pray for me, my family and my church. Please fill
us with a love for the Word. Please fill us with a love for the Bible.
Please fill us with a love for putting you first. Please help us to make
that our joy. Please help us to make that our fun. Please help us to put
you first, Lord.

I submit my life to you. I want to put you first and foremost in all that I
have to do. Thank you, Lord, for being here and wanting to get ready for
me, and wanting to lead me and wanting make me like you. I love you. I
want to follow you all the way today.