On The Verge

I just feel like we are on the verge of something really great. Pastor
Jim and I were talking the other day, and we understand it very clearly
that God did not bring two other pastors on board at The Adventure (3
total) to maintain our work and reach in the community. On the
contrary, we honestly feel like God opened some very unusual doors to do
just that for the purpose of making a significant impact on our

Jim, Shane and I are very much in tune with what is happening in our
communities and how they are bursting at the seams. So we’re trying to
get things in place – foundationally, missionally, and strategically –
to see God truly work.

Ellen White says that God rarely works in the miraculous, but usually
according to well-laid plans. We’ve begun to lay those well-laid plans.
And we can’t believe how much is actually going on

Preparing for Russell Burrill’s “Prophecy Explosion”
Leo Schreven’s All Power and All Power 2
Small Group Training
Contagious Christian Training
Kindness Projects
And so much more….

But I just feel like we need to make sure and move forward only while
we’re on our knees.

Someone once told the story of a woodpecker who just as he struck a
tree, it was also hit by lightening. The woodpecker, although a bit
fazed, walked away saying – “Wow! Look at the power I have!”

We are in danger, often, of being just like that crazy woodpecker –
trying to take credit for the power that is not ours….

Forward on our knees….