Jake Bohlender Funeral

We did the funeral of Jake Bohlender today. Wow! All I can say is
that I am impressed with the professionalism of the firefighting community.
As a Chaplain for the Windsor-Severance Fire Department, I was able to see a
little more the inside workings of what was going on today. I was

I was impressed with the team from Brighton who came to honor their friend
and co-worker. I was impressed with the Evans Department who stood at
attention while we drove past in the procession. I was impressed with the
“Last Call” that drove so many of us to tears.

Jake received the honor he was due. Struck down at 26 years old,
struck down and leaving his 6 year-old daughter. But today, God showed up.
It was an awesome service and things went exceptionally well. Okay, we had
some technical glitches, but that even worked out for good, because then
Angie, Jake’s sister was able to do her testimony live, rather than on video
tape – which was much better.

Special times today. Very hard times for all involved. A lot of memories
we will carry with us for a long time – of Jake, of the service, and of the
firefighting community.

Thank you, Lord, for such a good event to honor someone so brave, as Jake.