FW: Jake, and how you can help!

Prayers for Jake Bohlender
—–Original Message—–
Subject: Jake, and how you can help!

Friends & family,

I am forwarding an email from Angie, my nephew Jake Bohlender’s sister,
since she contnues to provide well-written updates on his condition.  As she
attests and as I witnessed last nite when I visited Jake at his home, his
courage is amazing!  He’s not giving up, and therefore neither should we! 
He’s had a tough week dealing with pain, so yesterday they did a relatively
new procedure which I believe is called “radio oblation”, and which
according to what Jake told me is designed to provide relief by inserting a
needle into his tumor and zapping it with radio waves.   The surgeon is
hopeful that this will shrink the tumor, allowing Jake to have less pain so
he can take the Disneyland trip with the family next week.  He also recieved
4 pints of blood while he was in the hospital, which they also hope will
boost his energy for the trip.  He is also taking a variety of supplements
and other things which have been described to help with other cancers, so
he’s figuring why not try them also. 

Now, the question we hear alot from everyone is “what can we do to help”? 
Here’s my list of ideas:
1) Pray tonite big time!  We are opening up our home here in Loveland 2357
Amber Court, ph 970-613-1744) tonite starting at sundown and continuing to
sunrise with candles burning and prayers being asked for Jake’s complete
healing.  Anyone is welcome to join us in person, as we pray together
specifically for Jake.  Of if you want to reply back or give us a call with
your support for this by praying at your home tonite.  We just know that
“wherever 2 or 3 are gathered together” can be one of the best things we can
do for the cause!
2) As Angie describes in her email, letting Jake and the family know you are
thinking of him right now is great, so consider a card!  Last nite he was
feeling good and enjoyed a visit, however I would recommend checking in with
the family ahead of time.
3) Financial support for the trip to California would be a nice touch. 
Although DeWayne tells me ‘they have it covered”, with the Dream Foundation
assistance and other donations that have already come in, I know they still
must have some significant expenses as a family.  So you might consider
assisting them so they can do a few extra things like maybe a day at Sea
World etc.  I know the help would be appreciated! 
4) Lastly, we’ve begun investigating setting up a trust fund in Jake’s 6
year-old daughter Destiney’s name.  We will either run this through a local
bank or through our church, with the intention of setting aside funds for
her education.  When Jake’s healing does occur as he and all of us are
praying for, this fund will be there irregardless to help this cute little
gal be sure to get a solid christian education to which Jake is committed! 
So, consider assisting is this way as a long-term ongoing program.  I’ll
provide additional information once we get this fund setup.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to ask how you can help, and just continue
to pray without ceasing for Jake!