FW: Jake, and how you can help!

Prayers for Jake Bohlender
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Subject: Jake, and how you can help!

Friends & family,

I am forwarding an email from Angie, my nephew Jake Bohlender’s sister,
since she contnues to provide well-written updates on his condition.  As she
attests and as I witnessed last nite when I visited Jake at his home, his
courage is amazing!  He’s not giving up, and therefore neither should we! 
He’s had a tough week dealing with pain, so yesterday they did a relatively
new procedure which I believe is called “radio oblation”, and which
according to what Jake told me is designed to provide relief by inserting a
needle into his tumor and zapping it with radio waves.   The surgeon is
hopeful that this will shrink the tumor, allowing Jake to have less pain so
he can take the Disneyland trip with the family next week.  He also recieved
4 pints of blood while he was in the hospital, which they also hope will
boost his energy for the trip.  He is also taking a variety of supplements
and other things which have been described to help with other cancers, so
he’s figuring why not try them also. 

Now, the question we hear alot from everyone is “what can we do to help”? 
Here’s my list of ideas:
1) Pray tonite big time!  We are opening up our home here in Loveland 2357
Amber Court, ph 970-613-1744) tonite starting at sundown and continuing to
sunrise with candles burning and prayers being asked for Jake’s complete
healing.  Anyone is welcome to join us in person, as we pray together
specifically for Jake.  Of if you want to reply back or give us a call with
your support for this by praying at your home tonite.  We just know that
“wherever 2 or 3 are gathered together” can be one of the best things we can
do for the cause!
2) As Angie describes in her email, letting Jake and the family know you are
thinking of him right now is great, so consider a card!  Last nite he was
feeling good and enjoyed a visit, however I would recommend checking in with
the family ahead of time.
3) Financial support for the trip to California would be a nice touch. 
Although DeWayne tells me ‘they have it covered”, with the Dream Foundation
assistance and other donations that have already come in, I know they still
must have some significant expenses as a family.  So you might consider
assisting them so they can do a few extra things like maybe a day at Sea
World etc.  I know the help would be appreciated! 
4) Lastly, we’ve begun investigating setting up a trust fund in Jake’s 6
year-old daughter Destiney’s name.  We will either run this through a local
bank or through our church, with the intention of setting aside funds for
her education.  When Jake’s healing does occur as he and all of us are
praying for, this fund will be there irregardless to help this cute little
gal be sure to get a solid christian education to which Jake is committed! 
So, consider assisting is this way as a long-term ongoing program.  I’ll
provide additional information once we get this fund setup.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to ask how you can help, and just continue
to pray without ceasing for Jake!



“King Solomon, however, loved many foreign wives…and his wives led him astray.” 1 Kings 11:1-6 NIV

In this passage, you can see that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. HE ruled for 40 years (v. 42). Do the math. 360 days/year in Israels Calendar x 40 years = 14,400 days divided by 1000 women. That means that every 14 days, Solomon got a new woman.

I believe Solomon had a lust problem. I believe he had a sexual addiction. He ruined his wisdom by thinking he could handle it. In these verses, we see all that Solomon did – gathered horses, chariots, wives, foreign wives – all things God had told him not to do. IN the end, he turned his back on God and turned to fear to protect his kingship.

What could have happened if he had obeyed God’s wisdom? What could have happened if he would have remembered that he wasn’t wise by himself, but only as he followed God? What could have happened to his greatness if it would have been blessed even more by God?

Sexual addiction is one of the biggest problems today. That’s why our web site http://www.theadventure.org (under “Other Adventures”) lists places to go to get help.

God is more powerful than anything like this and he’s calling us to live by HIS standards, not ours.


Yesterday in my private devotions, these were some of my thoughts.

S: “He received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness that he had by faith while he was still uncircumcised.” Romans 4:11a NIV

O: Abraham wasn’t circumcised when he received salvation. That came afterwards. Circumcision was simply a sign of his salvation.

But what about the generations who followed? They were circumcised on the 8th day ever after. They were not saved at that point in time. I can see how circumcision became the sign of salvation that Paul struggled against in the New Testament.

A: But I put this in the perspective of Sabbath. Deuteronomy says that the Sabbath is a sign of salvation. I believe the Sabbath is THE sign today and will be the THE sign in the last days. But it has to be taught in the perspective that salvation needs to come first.

But what do you do with 2nd and 3rd and 4th generation Adventists? I mean, they keep the Sabbath first out of obedience and hopefully grow into salvation. I suppose if the Sabbath is true and right, and kept properly, it will bring people to salvation.

P: Lord, I pray that Sabbath will be a sign of salvation for this household. I pray that it will be so significant that Sabbath will teach salvation to my kids and grandkids.


WE LAUNCHED!!!! Last night we officially launched the 2nd campus of The Adventure. There were 63 people there. It was an awesome evening with great music and a good time of worship. I spoke about LIVING A LIFE THAT COUNTS: What Kind of Old Person Do You Want to Be?

Three new people came that had never been there before. That was good and awesome. We pre-launched the last weekend of March. This was the launch and we are expecting to re-Launch the West Campus in the fall when our Prophecy Explosion Seminar takes place.

Afterwards, a bunch of us went to the Hawthornes and had a bonfire and

roasted hotdogs and marshmallows and ate chili and sat around and talked. We didn’t debrief what happened that evening much. I was on a high and I was just having fun with friends. It was a good thing, but in retrospect, I had a number of key people there who we could have debriefed with.

I think I’ll do that via email.

But my big growth moment for the whole weekend came on Sabbath morning. I was stressed, wondering if anyone would come, wondering if it would go well, etc. I was having the “Opening Night Jitters” stuff take me on. But I got up and was reading in the Bible and I don’t know if it was Romans chapter 3 that I read and journaled on or whether it just kind of jumped out at me.

I came to the conclusion that we were doing the right thing by starting our west campus. We were doing the right thing to reach people who didn’t yet know Jesus Christ. And if NO ONE came, I was still doing the right thing. My faith was not going to be deterred. My faith was strong. God has asked me to be faithful, not successful.

But in saying that, I think a person needs to be careful. Faithful vs.

Successful are not necessarily polar opposites. I think God expects us to lay down good plans. I think he expects us to provide good opportunities.

In other words, I think perhaps to not do your work and expect that you are faithful is absolute nonsense. In other words, I think God works according to well laid plans and rarely in the miraculous.

We laid some good plans out there with our door-knocking, but I think the goal was too high and so we quit without reaching our goal. We should have set it lower and because it would be more reachable, we would have reached it. The newspaper ads were likely a bit of a ploy to cover our tracks and say – Yes, we did advertise pretty well…. That was my fault. The newspaper ads DID get us out there on the radar screen and people know we’re out there now, though.

We have more work to do to make this campus work and grow and be strong

enough. And that’s why we’re instituting our strategic plan. That’s why we’re putting in place those well-laid plans.

I think all in all, we walked away thinking – this is the right thing to do and we’re okay with it all.

TWO CAMPUSES! This weekend we move to two sites. One church – two locations. We just found that people will come 45 minutes to an hour to get to church, but they won’t bring their friends farther than 15 minutes away. So, here we are, the day before launch. We’ve been in the pre-launch phase since March 27. Now we’ve gone public with all our advertising, with all of our door-knocking and surveys.

IT’s kind of been crazy around here again. We seem to like to run in that mode. But our vision is strong – To become a community of grace, being changed into God’s image, to be an evangelistic outpost to reach the world with the message of Jesus.

Tomorrow will prove interesting…. We’re praying to make a difference.

Scripture: “For it is not those who hear thte law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.” Romans 2:13 NIV

I don’t think this is some form of legalistic trap that Paul is writing about. He’s simply stating that the things we say we believe need to line up with what we do. In other words, it’s like James says later in the New Testament – don’t be just hearers, but be doers also. Paul is here trying to say that it’s not enough to just go to church. It’s not enough to just listen to the Word of God. It’s not enough to say you are a Christian. Rather, we need to not just talk the talk, but we must also walk the walk. OUr lives must be characterized by doing what we say we believe.

So, that stands up to the forefront of everything that much of society stands for. We live in an age where truth is relative, where whatever feels good should be done, it’s all about our own pleasure, our own desires, our own wants and if it works – so what. The Bible is pretty clear that truth isn’t relative. Truth is full and complete. Truth is truth – sure and simple.

The amazing thing about the Bible is that it was written so long ago and yet it pertains so much to our lives today. It’s amazing when I read the Bible at how much it can be applied to me. It’s practical, it’s relevant, and it’s meaningful.

It will change your life. That’s why I’ve gotten myself into a daily reading program. I read a lot – last year I read 78 books! This year I’m making the Bible my primary focus and am working through about 3-5 chapters a day. When I get done, I will have read the Old Testment once and the New Testament twice. If you’d like information on working on a Bible reading program too, let me know…..

send me an email and I’ll get it to you….